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River Trail

Telluride’s San Miguel River Trail runs the length of town but only climbs 170 feet, making it the perfect trail to acclimate yourself to the mountain air and scenery. Read More

  • The San Miguel River Trails runs the entire length of Telluride but only gains 170 feet in elevation.
  • This is a popular dog path so be ready to make some friendly company.
  • There are good fishing and swimming spots right off the trail.


The San Miguel River Trail is the most popular walking path in Telluride for good reason. The “river trail” lazily tracks the banks of the San Miguel River through town without heading up the steep inclines found in every direction. The trail is 4.25 miles in length but only gains 170 feet in elevation, pretty domestic numbers for these parts.

This is also the place to see and be seen if you’re a local dog, so be ready to make some friends.

Location & Information

The trail runs from the old Pandora Mill east of town across to the valley floor at the extreme west end. It can be accessed from pretty much anywhere in town if you head south toward the river is used year-round.


The river is great for fishing in the spring, summer and fall. Look for spots off the rocks in town part.

There’s also swimming—albeit very chilly—at several spots where the water slows down.

It’s important to be careful April through June when the winter snowmelt makes the San Miguel charge down valley. Don’t get swept away.