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Rock Climbing

The steep walls of the San Juans offer a variety of classic rock climbing routes, and area towns have also built artificial walls perfect for beginners.

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Providers These companies can get you there

  • The Telluride region is home to many classic climbing routes like the Ophir Wall.
  • Telluride High School has an indoor climbing gym open four nights a week that costs $5.
  • Mountain Village has a free outdoor climbing rock in the center of the main business district. 


Famous climbers like Charlie Fowler and Lyn Hill have made the sheer cliffs and rocky ridgelines in and around Telluride their climbing territory for good reason. Ophir, a small community 15 minutes from Telluride, holds world-famous rock faces and routes. Bouldering sections are a plenty, and there are still many routes being pioneered. Mountain Village and Telluride have also added artificial climbing walls in recent years, and there are several guide services and outfitters in the area.

Where To Go Climbing

Mountain Village
There is a public climbing rock in the Mountain Village core that’s great for children or beginners just looking to get the feel.

Horizon Climbing Gym
The Horizon Climbing Gym is inside Telluride High School is open for use 7-10 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday and costs $5. The wall has several routes with varying degrees of difficulty.

Ophir Wall
The Ophir Wall has many single pitch 600-foot technical climbs. Drive south on CO-145 and look for Ophir on the left. Drive past the post office and look for parking. Wall in the north side. Always seek local advice about the conditions of the rock and seasonal stability.

Guided Tours & Rentals

Many of the climbing routes around Telluride can be tough to find and are best explored with a knowledgeable guide.