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Trout Lake

With its rich history, plentiful trout and tranquil mountain setting, Trout Lake is only a half-hour drive from Telluride and worth a daytrip.

  • Trout Lake, Colorado, is a half-hour drive from Telluride along CO-145.
  • A water tank and bridge still stand from the old Rio Grand Railroad.
  • Fishing is possible from the shore, with waders or by boat.


Trout Lake was once an integral part of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad, filling steam engines with water as they rested under the shadows of skyscraper peaks.

The 50,000 gallon tank and railroad bridge still stand, but the days of Rio Grande have long passed. The lack of traffic hasn’t made the tranquil lake useless, however. Like its name implies, the lake holds plenty fish, and who could ask for a more scenic lake to drop a canoe into?

Location & Information

To reach Trout Lake CO, head west from Telluride. Then go south on CO-145 at the gas station. The lake is about 10 miles on the left. There are private residences scattered around the lake, so make sure to avoid private property.


The name says it all. It’s possible to fish from shore, from a boat or with waders. The lake is also a great place to teach kids or beginners the basics of casting. If you’re brought along but don’t feel like fishing, your best bet is to relax and soak up the views, it doesn’t get much prettier than this!