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Cornet Falls

Only a half-hour walk from downtown Telluride, Cornet Falls plunges 60 feet down beautiful red rock and is near access to great hiking trails. Read More

  • Cornet Falls is the closest waterfall to Telluride and is a fairly moderat hike.
  • The falls drops 60 feet through red rock.
  • The Jed Wiebe Trail, found near the bridge over Cornet Creek, is a popular local hike.


Telluride has no shortage of spectacular waterfalls worth discovering, and none is more accessible then Cornet Falls. Its close proximity to town and relatively (for these parts) moderate hike make it a great afternoon getaway in any season. Several longer hikes branch off of the trail up to Cornet, so the falls can be a destination or just one stop on a day-long adventure.

Location & Information

To find Cornet Falls, simply head north on Aspen Street from downtown Telluride and look for the trailhead near the pile of boulders. Once over the bridge across Cornet Creek, keep heading straight up the mountains and listen for the sound of the falls. Access is open year-round, and the frozen falls can be worth the extra effort if there is some snow on the ground.

Hiking Trails

  • The Jed Wiebe trail cuts off the trail near Cornet Creek and is a well-travelled 3-mile loop through high meadows and thick aspen groves.
  • The Mill Creek Trail and the Sneffels Highline, a 14-mile loop, are accessed by the Wiebe, so Cornet Falls can either be a destination or a jumping off point for a full-day expedition.