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Thirty minutes from Telluride, Rico is a charming small mountain town with a few services and unlimited access to unspoiled wilderness. Read More

  • Rico is an tiny but unspoiled town a half hour from Telluride.
  • The services are limited here, but the local Argentina steakhouse is well-known region wide.
  • The outdoor recreation options here are limitless with miles of remote wilderness in every direction.


Rico is a sleepy mountain town close enough to Telluride to interest tourists but far enough away to stay quiet. Things are simple here—there’s only one drag of businesses—but in a lot of ways that’s the point.


Rico, Colorado, is about 28 miles to the southwest of Telluride and 50 miles to the northeast of Cortez.


The options are limited here. The Rico Hotel has rooms, and the Argentina Bar & Grill is well-known for its five-star cuisine. There are no grocery stores.


Rico is all outdoors, all the time. In the summer, hunting, fishing and mountain biking are the main draws. There is backcountry skiing near town in the winter.


Cortez and Mesa Verde National Park are less than an hour away to the south. There are also hot springs, but you’ll need to ask around to find them.

Getting Here

To reach Telluride from Rico, CO, just head north out of town on the main road for a half hour.

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