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While Telluride’s winds whisper of its rich history, Montrose is a modern-day frontier town with its share of attractions and ammenities.

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  • Montrose is worth a trip for its plentiful ammenities and frontier atmosphere.
  • The Black Canyon National Park offers expert rock climbing and rafting in addition to novice hiking trails  that skirt sheer cliffs and narrow canyons.
  • The Gunnison River is a well-known destination for fly fishermen.


The old way of the west still prevails here, but amid its gritty cowboy appearance opportunities abound to choose your own adventure on the diverse terrain outside of town.


Montrose is located directly east of the Colorado Rockies in the Uncompahgre Valley. Denver is 260 miles to the northeast, and Telluride 60 miles to the south.


Montrose has everything from a Super Wal-Mart to health food stores, budget motels to river-side cabins, and fast food to steak houses.


Montrose provides a great backdrop for any biker, boater, skier, backpacker, or fisherman. If you like outdoor adventures, you can find some fun in and around Montrose. Try dropping a lure into the Gunnison River or one of many area lakes.

An aquatic center (25 Colorado Ave) and 15,000-square-foot skate park (540 S. Rio Grande Ave behind the ball fields) are also worth taking a look at.


Montrose sits on the fringe of Black Canyon National Park and its lengthy mountain vistas, sheer cliffs and network of rivers and lakes. Black Canyon offers expert rock climbing and rafting, and novice hiking trails start from both ends of the canyon. The park is 15 miles east of Montrose and is $15 for adults but free for children 16 and under. Make sure to swing into the Museum of the Mountain West in Montrose as well.

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