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Known as the main town “down valley” to Telluriders, Placerville is a serene riverside community where the relatively lower cost of living makes its sleepy locale increasingly attractive. Read More

  • Placerville CO is a tiny community with an idyllic setting next to the San Miguel River.
  • Basic amenities are available and the Blue Jay Lodge is well known for its hearty breakfast menu.
  • It can be a very scenic drive from Telluride when the leaves are changing color and the wild life emerges.


Placerville doesn’t offer much in the way of amenities, but its idyllic setting can make it worth a pit-stop for supplies or a lazy afternoon by the river.


Placerville is 15 miles west of Telluride along Highway 145. It is another 50 miles to Montrose.


Basic needs are found in Placerville, with a general store and post office in view from the highway. The Blue Jay Lodge is a regional staple known for good food (especially breakfast) and affordable lodging compared to Telluride. The lodge is just two minutes toward Telluride from Placerville. For more information call 970-728-0830.


Placerville Colorado sits in prime fishing real estate along the San Miguel River. Good hiking can be found in any direction from town. Check out Woods Lake on a nice summer day and you might have it all to yourself. Travel two miles toward Telluride from Placerville and take a right on Fall Creek Road.

Getting Here

From Telluride, just follow Highway 145 down the valley. Keep an eye out for elk and deer herds. The drive can be very scenic when the leaves change color.