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Five regional airports (Telluride, Colorado Springs, Denver, Montrose, Grand Junction) provide easy access to the town of Telluride Colorado. Read More

  • The Telluride Airport (TEX) is 15 minutes from town.
  • The Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ) is 1.5 hours from Telluride.
  • The Grand Junction Regional Airport (GJT) is 2.5 hours from Telluride.
  • The Colorado Springs Airport (COS) is 6 hours from Telluride.
  • The Denver International Airport (DIA) is 6-7 hours from Telluride.

Telluride Regional Airport

Telluride's airport recently underwent several renovation projects, and with airlines from across the country flying directly into the region, access to the San Juan Mountains has never been easier.

  • Airport Code: TEX
  • Location: The Telluride, Colorado airport is located about 5 miles west of town off Last Dollar Road and is a 15 minute drive from town. Telluride flights are convenient but are dependent on good weather.
  • Telluride Airlines:
    Great Lakes Airlines flies directly from Denver 3 times daily.
    US Airways Express flies directly from Phoenix twice daily.
  • Airport Service: The Telluride airport only has very basic services. Wait until you get into town.
  • Getting to/from the Airport: The airport has two car rental services, and it's best to book ahead during busy holiday seasons. Several companies run shuttles from the airport into town, expect to pay $20 or a little more depending on the amount of people and luggage. If you've booked a hotel, ask if they offer a free service.

Montrose Regional Airport

The Montrose Regional Airport has additional flights and more dependable conditions then Telluride’s airport, but is a few hours away and rides to the mountains can be pricey.

  • Airport Code: MTJ
  • Location: Montrose is 68 miles from Telluride or about 1 hour 30 minutes driving. From the airport, drive south into Montrose and make a slight right onto US-550 toward Ridgway. In Ridgway, make a right turn onto CO-62. After another 20 miles, look for CO-145 to Telluride.
  • Montrose Airlines:
    There are year-round flights to and from Denver by United Express operated by Skywest.
    There are additional summer flights to Houston by Continental Airlines, and Dallas by American Airlines.
    Winter service expands to Houston and Newark by Continental Airlines, Dallas and Chicago with American Airlines, and Atlanta with Delta Airlines.
  • Airport Services: The airport has a café, gift shop, and newsstand.
  • Getting to/from the airport:
    Several car rental services are based at the airport. Multiple agencies run shuttles from Telluride but need to be booked in advance. Expect to pay between $40 and $100 depending on the number of passengers and luggage. Always check to see if your accommodation offers a free or discounted pick-up service.

Grand Junction Regional Airport / Walker Field

Grand Junction Regional Airport is Western Colorado’s largest airport, and its mild winters and first-class services make it a reliable access point to the San Juan Mountains and beyond.

  • Airport Code: GJT
  • Location: Walker Field is located just north of Grand Junction and I-70, a major interstate. To reach Telluride, merge onto I-70 east from the airport, take exit 37 toward Delta. Continue through Montrose and take a right in Ridgway onto CO-62. Look for a left turn onto CO-145 into Telluride. Drive should take about 2 and ½ hours depending on conditions.
  • Airlines/Flights:
    The airport is serviced by Allegiant, American, Delta, United, and US Airways. Non -stop flights go to Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Dallas/Ft. Worth. There are additional one-stop connections to cities in the United States, Canada, Europe and Central America.
  • Services: The airport has a 70,000 square-foot-terminal with seven rental car companies, a restaurant and a gift shop.
  • Getting To/From the Airport:
    There are no direct shuttles to Telluride, but some services will pick-up from Grand Junction for a flat rate that won’t be cheap. There are several car rental services and a bus service into Grand Junction.

Colorado Springs Airport

The Colorado Springs Airport is the second busiest airport in Colorado, and is a convenient alternative to Denver if you’re looking to visit other areas on the way to Telluride.

  • Airport Code: COS
  • Location: The airport is six miles southeast of Colorado Springs and 300 miles east of Telluride. Highway 50 is a beautiful mountain road in the summer, and is worth the trip if you have some time to kill. From Colorado Springs, take US-50 west from Colorado Springs, head south on US-550 in Montrose, go right at CO-62 in Ridgway, and left onto CO-145 to Telluride.
  • Airlines/Flights:
    Nine commercial airlines make up the 100 or so departures and arrivals from Colorado Springs every day. Destination cities include Denver, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.
  • Airport Services: The airport has several restaurants and travel stores. Gordon Biersch has good food and beer if you need to sit down.
  • Getting To/From the Airport:
    All major car rental services have booths at the airport, and it is only a short taxi ride into Colorado Springs. A 24-hour around transportation hotline can be reached at (719) 550-1930.

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is the transportation hub of the Rocky Mountain region, and has flights to and from Telluride and the rest of the world.

  • Airport Code: DEN
  • Location: Reaching Telluride from Denver usually takes about six or seven hours depending on conditions. The most reliable route is I-70 during the winter months. From the airport, take Peña Blvd to I-70 west to Grand Junction. Look for US-50 south (which turns into US-550) when nearing Grand Junction. Turn right onto US-62 in Ridgway, then left at CO-145 to Telluride.
  • Airlines:
    Eighteen major airlines fly to and from DIA, and it is the largest hub of Frontier Airlines and the second-largest of United Airlines. Southwest has been expanding flights in the last couple years as well, and offers cheap flights from many US cities. Great Lakes Aviation has a direct flight to Telluride.
  • Airport Services: DIA is a major airport and offers every service you could need. Have some time to kill? Try some local microbrews – they’re some of the best in the country—at one of the several pubs.
  • Getting to/from the airport:
    There is no direct shuttle from Denver to Telluride. Greyhound Buses offers a service from downtown Denver, but you’re probably better off looking for a flight to Telluride or Montrose. Several major car rental services are available as well.