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Denver Colorado

As the the hub of the Rocky Mountain region, most visitors to Telluride pass through Denver, an attractive city with a lively downtown and an active attitude.

  • As the transportation hub of the Rocky Mountains, most visitors to Colorado pass through Denver.
  • Downtown Denver is lively and there are entertainment options every night of the week.
  • The drive to Telluride from Denver usually takes between six and seven hours.


Known as the Mile High City, Denver has undergone a striking transformation in the past twenty years. Once casted off as a dusty cow town, the city is now a hip, entertaining and opportunistic metro area.

With a major international airport, the city is also the transportation hub of the Rocky Mountain region, and nearly all visitors to Colorado at least pass through Denver.


Denver is located in the north-central region of Colorado on the eastern flank of the Rocky Mountains.


This is a metro area, so if you need something you can find it.


If you have a few days it can be rewarding to move around the city and its surrounding towns or venture into the mountain corridor along Interstate 70.


There’s plenty to see and do in downtown, where the city has built new sports stadiums and transformed abandoned warehouses into modern apartments and businesses. The music scene is also dynamic, and there is someone worth seeing every night of the week.

Getting Here

The most reliable route to Telluride is Interstate 70 west to Grand Junction, then south on US 550/50 to Montrose then Ridgway. Turn right onto Highway 62 in Ridgway, and then go left onto Highway 145 to Telluride.