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Anasazi Heritage Center

The Anasazi Heritage Center was founded in 1988 as a museum dedicated to the interpretation and study of cultures from Colorado's Four Corners region. The Center houses over 3 million records and artifacts from southwest Colorado. The Center also offers exhibits, films, and special programs on archaeology, public lands, and the Pueblo, Ute, and Navajo cultures.

On your way to Telluride, Colorado, make a stop at the Anasazi Heritage Center. The visitor to the Anasazi Heritage Center, located in Dolores, Colorado can enjoy films, hands-on discovery areas, exhibits, and displays that explore the local history, archaeology and the tribal heritage of the Pueblo, Ute and Navajo Native Americans. The Anasazi Heritage Center is home to over two million artifacts from southwest Colorado.

Hands on activities include grinding corn, weaving on a loom, using microscopes and actually touching real artifacts. The Center also has a unique archaeology computer program allowing guests to become an amateur archaeologist.

After enjoying the treasures housed within the building, you can take a paved trail that takes you to the Escalante and Dominguez Ruins. This ½ mile nature trail will give you an awe-inspiring view of Mesa Verde, McPhee Reservoir, the Four Corners and much more.